About Moa

Moa is a metasearch engine based on SearXNG that aggregates other results search engines While information about users is not saved

The Moa project is driven by an open community. If you join us at Matrix Have questions or just want to chat about SearXNG at #searxng:matrix.org.

Make Moa better.

Why use it?

If you care about privacy, you want to be an informed user, or believe it otherwise In Digital Freedom, make MOA your default search engine or run it on your own Your server!

How do I set it as the default search engine?

MOA supports OpenSearch. For more information about changing your defaults Search engine, see your browser documentation:

When adding a search engine, there should not be duplicates of the same name. If You encounter the problem that you cannot add a search engine, you can do one of the following:

how it works?

MOA is a fork of SearXNG and it is also based on the famous searx metasearch engine that was Inspired by [Project Seeks]. It provides basic privacy by blending you in Search queries on other operating systems without saving search data. Moa It can be added to your browser’s search bar. In addition, it can be set as Default search engine

stats page contains some useful anonymous applications Statistics of engines used

How can I make it mine?

Moa appreciates your concern about reports, so get the code from it [SearXNG Resources] and run it yourself!

Add your sample to this public list instances to help other people Protecting their privacy and making the internet freer. The more decentralized it is It’s the Internet, our freedom is greater!